C.C. Malloy -Writer  It’s the end of the semester and life is good. We’re done—almost! Some of us would agree that as non-traditional students, the work didn’t stop because a discussion board, research paper, or PowerPoint was due. The assignments kept coming; sort of like the mail. The projects continued to pile up until the only choice was to prepare and deliver them. That may seem straightforward enough; mark each assignment on your calendar and check off one project at a time. Easier than sliced bread right? Wrong! Many times,Read More

Word on The Street


Shakieviea Gilchrist -Photo Manager As the end of the year is approaching and summer is beginning, students are graduating and excited about beginning the next stage of their lives. Here are what a few of our Broncos had to say about their plans post college and the advice they would give to incoming freshman:  Mercedes Herron: Freshman  Advice: “The advice that I would give to incoming freshmen would be to be yourself and stay in control. Academics are important, but do stay involved. Keep a positive image and know thatRead More

Greek Week Photos

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National Student-Athlete Day has become one of America’s strongest endeavors to promote the STUDENT in the student-athlete and the positive virtues of sport. April 6, 2014 marked the 27th annual celebration of National Student- Athlete Day to recognize the outstanding achievements of student-athletes nationwide and the positive role they play in society. Antonio Mayo, President of the FSU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), football placekicker and golfer, took the lead with making this day exciting. He respectfully garnered campus wide interest and support for honoring student-athletes in a variety of waysRead More

Dear Ebony…Your Campus Advice

Send us a question via email (, or go to fsuthevoice. com to send it anonymously.  DEAR EBONY: I don’t fit in with anyone at school. I’m so lonely and depressed. What should I do? DEAR LONELY & DEPRESSED: Feeling like you don’t fit in is incredibly hard, but the first thing you should know is you are not alone. Many students, especially those new to FSU go through these feelings too. One of the best things you can do to feel less lonely and isolated is to get involvedRead More


Electric Groove

Robert Cornell -Writer  The senior art exhibit showcasing artwork made by graduating seniors was held on April 18th at the Rosenthal Art Gallery. While attending the art show and taking a look at the art that was featured, I was fortunate enough to meet some of the artists responsible for the pieces. Victor Pedro, one of the artist, has a passion for arcade games, as seen in some of his pieces like ‘Cybernetic Funk’ which featured characters whose appearances resembled musical instruments like bass guitars, drums, and microphones. Victor hasRead More



Robert Cornell -Writer FSU Theatre Company presented Aristophanes’ Lysistrata April 24th through 27th. The play is based off of Aristophanes’ classic comedy, but features a fresh take on the play by having it focus on the modern military with a flash of soul and a raunchy vibe of the Vegas strip. The story takes place in the desert around Las Vegas and the treasury of Fort Acropolis during a time of war.  In the play, a woman named Lysistrata and several other women meet to talk about how sad theyRead More


Destini W. -Writer  Clare, 28, completed her bachelor’s degree in Economics four years ago, but she is yet to secure a job that matches her initial expectations. She has been working on short-term contracts through which she has earned some means for survival, but not more than that. She had hoped to secure a permanent and lucrative job in one of the large firms in the country or beyond soon after graduating. However, this was not the case and she had to learn the truth the hard way. “It isRead More

Haunted House 2 On Campus

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Terronne Cuthrell -Writer   In the midst of promoting his new movie “A Haunted House 2”, celebrity comedian Affion Crockett still finds time for his fellow Broncos! Crockett came to spend a day on campus Monday, April 15th. His long day began in the Rudolph Jones Student Center, where he signed autographs and spoke with students who were in the café. Students had a range of questions for him. From his celebrity lifestyle to his days at FSU, Crockett definitely had all of the answers to their questions. During hisRead More



Cherish Liles -Writer  With summer approaching, many students are looking forward to spending time with friends, traveling, and for the vast majority, working. The issue arises when students can’t find jobs! Fortunately, the wonderful people in Career Services (located in SBC Suite 230) are here to help! The workforce is very competitive, and one would be surprised on the little things that can determine whether or not you get the job. Advisors in Career Services prepare students for a great interview. They provide interviewing tips, what to wear and whatRead More