About Us

The Voice is the Fayetteville State University student press newspaper.

The student newspaper began in 1946 and has changed from a print publication to a print and mobile friendly paper.

Our goal is to be a must read for students, faculty,  and staff, and we strive to be the voice of the campus community as well as our online community .

Editor-In-Chief: Ja’Shawn Steward-Johnson

Managing Editor: Areanna Nixon

News Editors: Dominque Elliot and Keyona Smith

Arts and Culture Editors: Laura Bell and Je’Lesa Jefferson

Opinion Editors: Krystal Nelms and Misha Thomas

Sports Editors: Bria Battle, Lorenza Kearns, and Jamario Lynch

Photo Editor: Wil Brown

Copy Desk: Taheerah Watson

La Voz Coordinator: Dr. Lenora Hayes

Adviser: Dr. Alanna Miller


Want to contact us?

Phone:  910-672-2210

Email:  thevoice.uncfsu@gmail.com

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