The Past Is Always Present In The Future: A Modern Hip-Hop/Rap Masterpiece: Hip-hop is one of the most American and truest expressions of music
“Gotta Get Back Back to the Past Samurai Jack”: One of the most creative and greatest animated masterpieces of modern time
The Breaks Season 1 Premiere: Hip Hop Thy Name is Knowledge: After the immeasurable success of recent hip-hop influenced films and television projects
Hidden Figures Shines Great Spotlight On Overlooked History: History always comes back to repeat itself again for those in its
Milestone Comics: Ahead of the Revolution: Diversity is important to maintaining America’s many unique qualities that make it
Batman vs. Superman Stages Epic Showdown: On March 25, 2016 a new film aiming to reenergize the DC
Cannon Busters Brings Diversity to Anime: In the world of the animation, there are opportunities to display incredible