Dean’s Corner

Students are often unsure of their major interest.  The best advice is to follow their passion. If a student focuses their studies in an area they enjoy, they will generally do well, and their success will create opportunities.

Many students do not have a passion they are compelled to pursue and seek more guidance. For such students, I suggest strong consideration be given to a business major.

Why business? One reason is an abundance of job opportunities.  In North Carolina, the Department of Commerce forecasted the number of jobs to be created in various occupations between 2010 and 2020.  As noted in Table 1 below, 5 of the top 10 growth occupations in the state are business related, led by accountants, marketing/market research specialists, finance managers, sales reps for technical products, and human resource specialists. Average starting salaries in these high growth occupations range from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.

Top 10 Growth Occupations in North Carolina
Occupational Title Total Average
Annual Openings
2010 Median Annual Wage






Accountants and Auditors




Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists








Computer Systems Analysts




Software Developers, Applications




Financial Managers




Sales Reps, Wholesale and Mfg Techn and Scientific Products




Human Resources, Training, & Labor Relations Specialists




Child, Family, and School Social Workers





In choosing a career path, try to focus on areas in which there is a match between your interests and capabilities and the requirements of the position, not primarily on salaries.  If the fit is there and the motivation to work is present, rewards will follow.

For those interested in long-term earning potential, Table 2 shows that five of the top ten highest earning occupations in North Carolina are business-related, led by CEO’s and managers of business functions. Average salaries for manager occupations requiring a bachelor’s degree are typically in the $95,000 – $100,000 range, and salaries for CEO’s average $165,000.


Top 10 Highest Earning Occupations in North Carolina   

Occupational Title Total Average
Annual Openings
2010 Median Annual Wage


Chief Executives




Natural Sciences Managers




Architectural and Engineering Managers




Computer and Information Systems Managers




Marketing Managers








Financial Managers




Computer Hardware Engineers




Human Resources/Compensation Managers




Software Developers, Systems Software




Employers tell us that they are looking for employees who not only know their subject area, but more importantly have strong analytical and communication skills. Employers need people who can solve problems on their own, have an entrepreneurial mindset to identify new opportunities, and can communicate ideas in a clear and compelling manner. Our business courses are designed to help students master these critical capabilities.

In business courses, students are first given tools to analyze situations, and then they are given problems and case studies to practice those techniques. The skills learned can be applied to managing non-profits, governmental organizations, and businesses. For the many students who will start their own business, the business major is well-suited to provide a foundation for future entrepreneurial success.

Employers also tell us that they value individuals with practical experience in addition to academic success. The School of Business and Economics places a high priority on providing students with practical learning opportunities through internships, classes which assist local small businesses, student organizations, and multiple business case competitions.

For students uncertain about their major or career options, we encourage you to consider business. The School of Business and Economics can help open a wide range of attractive opportunities for those willing to work hard to pursue their dreams.

Tables courtesy of North Carolina Department of Commerce

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Fayetteville Native Comes Home

Robert Brickey, new assistant coach of the Fayetteville State University, expressed what he hopes to bring to the table while disclosing small pieces of information about himself.

Brickey was born in Fayetteville, NC and graduated from E.E Smith High School where he played basketball and ran track as a high jumper. He would go on to say that he was between the ages of 12 years old and 14 years old when he ultimately decided to get focused on making basketball his number one sport. His favorite position is one of the most versatile on the floor, the small forward. He said, “They are the more well-rounded players. A player who is responsible for scoring, putting the ball on the floor to make a play, rebound, and defense.”

Brickey’s inspiration to become involved with basketball came from his mother and his two older brothers, whom were all athletes. “My mom was always the athlete, so I basically caught interest,” he said.

Going on to ask what he could contribute to the team, Brickey stated, “I plan on bringing my experienced perspective…to help these men become successful on and off the court.” Then he added, “Once they have become successful, we’re successful.”

Aside from being known as the hometown hero who played at Duke University from 1986-1987 and 1989-1990, Brickey, revealed that he’s a secret nerd and enjoys cooking too.


Featured Image courtesy of:


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Homecoming Concert Staring Wale with Special Guest K. Michelle

K. Michelle and Wale came and delivered a wonderful homecoming concert here at FSU. They controlled the crowd with their energy, and left their hearts out on the stage. K. Michelle came out looking fantastic and put the vocals behind her appearance to truly wow the crowd. Wale came out and wowed the crowd with his lyrics and his signature kicks. They each brought a different feel to the concert that balanced out perfectly on the stage.


K. Michelle won the crowd over early connecting with every girl in the audience dealing with relationship issues. She provided inspiration in her own raw way that the crowd connected with because it was sincere. She also allowed audience members the opportunity to sing one of her favorite songs, because she said no one allowed her a chance and that is something that she wanted to do for others now that she got her shot. FSU’s own Shakieviea Gilchrist blazed the stage with her rendition of, “I’m going down”, by Mary J. Blige and received a standing ovation after her performance. K Michelle’s performance was amazing not only because she delivered a great performance, but she left room to give back and that is not something you see often with celebrities.


Wale took over the stage and delivered a performance that the fellas could relate to. The crowd rapped along to every song he performed, finally seeing on stage what they play on their phones and stereos nearly every day.   Wale stayed true to his D.C. roots and played a set that the DMV students here at FSU truly enjoyed. His energy on stage was hard to match and he showed just how much he appreciates his fan base by allowing them to choose certain songs that he performed. Towards the end of his performance, Wale autographed shoes, phones, and articles of clothing to really bring home the fact that he is all about his fans. Overall the Homecoming concert was an amazing experience for everyone in attendance, and truly a night to remember.

By: Akang Udofia

Photos courtesy of: Shakieviea Gilchrist

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The Great Cornation

On Thursday, Oct. 24, The Student Activities Council at Fayetteville State University hosted Coronation. At this regal event, Mr. FSU was crowned, Mr. and Miss Homecoming were announced, and Mr. and Miss was announced for each class, cub and or organization, residence hall and more.

It was a momentous occasion with a theme of the roaring 30’s. Cheer Phi Smoov along with the ladies on the Royal Court adorned in flapper style attire, gave a finger snapping performance.

Ronald R. Blanks Jr.

After Ronald R. Blanks Jr. walked away with the title of Mr.FSU, Naadiya Hopkins and Quiten Graham were crowned Miss and Mr. Homecoming.




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Art Defies Social Norms


On Tuesday, Oct. 22, The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company with their fluid movements and precise choreography, revealed why it is important to honor the arts. Sometimes as students we don’t pay attention to the cultural events Fayetteville State University has to offer, unless we are required to go for a class.  The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company showed why it is important to honor the arts with their fluid movements and precise choreography. This was not your typical dance event, but an all-around cultural experience. The crowd was amazed with the passion showed not only through the dance moves that were done, but the committal to the cultures that were portrayed. In one performance social norms were compromised, different cultures were represented, and caution was thrown to the wind all through the avenue of dance.

The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company even challenged the idea that music is needed in order to have choreography. In an inspiring piece analyzing African culture the dancers each made sound effects eventually making a beat through the choreography they expressed on stage, showing that sometimes music comes through unexpected avenues. This dance event though advertised as a cultural event, which it was, can also be seen as a learning event to never confine any form of art to what society says it is capable of, but extend your imagination enough to see the hidden possibilities and lessons in any performance.

By: Akang Udofia

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Feeling “SAFE”

On Oct. 12, 2013, National Coming Out Day, Fayetteville State University had the grand opening for their new Safezone office. Demonstrating the university’s commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students by providing a safe and secure resource center here on campus.

Dr. Emily Lenning, Safezone consultant, states, “ This is becoming a movement for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), and FSU has always been a leader in movements.”

There are 105 HBCU’s in the United States and only three of them have a LGBTQ center on their campus. FSU is the third HBCU to join the Safezone program. Bowie State University was the first HBCU to join, when they opened a new center in April 2012. In April 2013, North Carolina Central University also created a LGBTQ resource center. FSU’s Safezone aim is to raise cultural competence of faculty and staff on LGBTQ issues, provide visible support to the LGBTQ population on campus, educate students on issues facing LGBTQ people and retain LGBTQ students.zrainbow

To spread the awareness of the Safezone, FSU’s faculty, staff and administrators on campus have the option of putting a “safezone” sticker on their office door.  This lets students know that behind their door is someone who respects them, will listen, will be supportive and won’t judge them. FSU is cultivating allies to support LGBTQ students.

“This is a social movement, and just as white people helped with black civil rights and men helped women with their voting rights, straight people can have a huge part in this,” said Dr. Lenning.

The Safezone isn’t only for LGBTQ students. As a heterosexual male student at FSU, I have always been a big supporter in the LGBTQ community. I believe that we can become their support system and participate at the Safezone events.

FSU’s Safezone will be hosting their first event, Safezone Training-LGBTQ 101, on Nov. 1, 2013 9:30 a.m. – noon in Renaissance Hall, 2nd floor classroom. The training is for faculty, staff and students who intend to create a culturally sensitive and inclusive campus community. There is a limited amount of space for each session, so if you are not able to sign up for this training, check your email for the next training session.

For more information on the Safezone and signing up for training sessions, visit the Safezone office located on the 2nd floor of Hood Hall, room 34 or call 910-672-2307.


By: Jerone Gray

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Broncos Stampede St. Aug Falcons 43-19 on Homecoming Day

DSC_0205Fayetteville, NC- Fayetteville State conquered St. Augustine’s with a 43-19 clean rip last Saturday at Nick Stadium. The Broncos advance to a 5-3 season overall and maintain second place in the southern division with a 4-1 record.

The Broncos now lead the Falcons in homecoming victories 2-1 at Nick Stadium and champion a 22-11-2 record at Homecoming.

Head Coach Lawrence Kershaw and his offense took advantage of the Falcons and their inability to hold possession of the ball that resulted in 5 timely scores for Fayetteville State. The largest lead was 36-0 with 11:36 left in the 3rd quarter.

The sophomore tailback Andre Montgomery (Goldsboro, NC) lead the overall offensive assault with the first score of the game within a drive of 43 yards and 7 plays. He tallied up a total of 14 carries for 66 yards. Tavon Gatlin, the junior from Virginia Beach, VA, had four receptions in which two of those were touchdowns and totaled 50 yards. Former Utah State receiver Dwayne Lorrick (Washington, DC), who totaled four catches for 53 yards, also found the in-zone on a 23-yard pass from freshmen quarterback Derek Bryant (Carrboro, NC) who threw for 234 yards and three touchdowns.


Antonio Mayo responded with an attack of his own rebounding from his first PAT miss with a 33 yard field goal splitting the uprights giving Fayetteville State a 33-0 lead 7 minutes before halftime.

On the defensive end, Rueben Ortega (Anaheim, CA) snatched a nine-yard interception from the Falcons first play of the game. The junior cornerback Chris Pearson (Cove City, NC) returned the ball on his second interception of the game for 31 yards into Falcon territory for a 14-0 lead in the first half.

Fayetteville State only allowed St. Augustine’s 232 yards of offense on 73 total plays. The Falcons were even pressured on kickoffs to gain a mere 26.5 yards per kickoff while the Broncos averaged 60 yards. St. Augustine’s struggled mainly with holding on the ball; they fumbled six times where four of those fumbles were recovered by Fayetteville State.  The Falcons responded with three late scoring drives later in the game with the first being an 11-yard run in the 3rd quarter.  However, the Bronco’s defensive halted the Falcon offensive to barely gain 18 plays and 45 yards between the 3rd and 4th quarter.


Fayetteville State will meet Livingstone in Salisbury on their homecoming day; the game will begin at 2pm.


Story by: Aaron Williams

Photos courtesy of: Nicholas Campbell

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So You Think You Can Step

Precision is the name of the game when it comes to the FSU Homecoming Step show and all the Greek-lettered organizations that participated had just that. The night started off with a stimulating performance by a visiting step team that wowed the crowd with their intensity and togetherness. After their inspiring performance, the tone was officially set for the sororities and fraternities to take the stage.  The Capel was packed with old school and new school fraternity and sorority members ready to cheer on their fellow brothers and sisters and show pride for their organizations. The first sorority to blaze the stage was Sigma Gamma Rho.


The theme for Sigma Gamma Rho was based off the movie saw, in which they set up a situation that one of their sisters had been kidnapped by the evil Jigsaw mere moments before the step show.  To stimulate the crowd, they used props such as chairs and canes. The most electrifying part of their performance is when Kamiyah Dancy got down on the ground and was just as precise as her sisters that were on their feet. Overall it was a great performance by Sigma Gamma Rho.


The next sorority to bless the stage was Zeta Phi Beta, who went with the theme scandal. The Zetas got the crowd’s attention early with a set that include an intricate chair step followed by a precision step done in layers followed by a chair kick.  Later it was found out that they too had a sister that had been kidnapped and they were called in order to fix this scandal. The Zetas amazed the crowd with their precision and also with the sheer passionate manner in which they stepped and then seemingly just walked off like it was business as usual with decorated suitcases.


The last sorority to bless the stage and the eventual winners for the sorority section was the devastating divas of Delta Sigma Theta. Their theme was a warrior theme, and they played to that theme well. The Deltas put together a complex show that relied solely on them being perfect with their timing and intense stepping. They stuck perfectly to their theme and everyone in attendance had to take notice that the warriors of Delta Sigma Theta had taken over the stage.


The first organization to perform for the fraternity section was Alpha Phi Alpha. Their theme was Olympus has Phallen. The nation was under attack and the President had to call in the Alpha team in order to save the nation. The alphas have already gained notoriety for precision stepping, but it was at its best in the step show. Their performance was intense and passionate and they had gained crowd control early. Their performance also featured a tribute to one of their fallen brothers that touched the crowd and brought tears to those in attendance.


DSC_0569The next organization to perform was Omega Psi Phi. The Ques chose the theme house party, based off the popular 90s movie. Each having a different character to portray the Ques put on a stimulating show filled with passion and energy. Their set featured one of the brothers hopping over two people to complete the famous Que split. They stayed true to their roots and even pulled out some new tricks to get the crowd going.




The eventual winners for the fraternity section, Kappa Alpha Psi, were the next organization to perform. They went with the theme, finding the Kure in which they paid tribute to cancer awareness. Intensity was the name of the game for this group, going so hard with their cane work that they actually broke multiple canes. They also used a great costume design to gain the attention of the crowd coming out in all white with a colored vest that represented the color of the ribbon for the different cancer awareness they were supporting. This organization definitely kept the crowd involved throughout their whole performance, thus being deserving of taking home the trophy.



The last organization to perform was Phi Beta Sigma. They were inmates performing for the opportunity to be free. Each having a different reason for incarceration, they wowed their crowd with their committal to portraying their character. They were precise and intense throughout the show, and put on a show to remember. All in all, all the fraternities and sororities put on an amazing show and showed why at FSU we know that we have the number one homecoming on Earth.


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More Renovations, More Problems?

rendering 060313  (1)

Here at, Fayetteville State University, we have watched construction take place on campus with growing anticipation, wondering what the outcome will be. The latest construction began this semester with the expansion of the Rudolph Jones Student Center.

FSU students, faculty and staff have seen the parking lot behind the student center turn into dirt, literally. There have been many questions about the parking spaces we have lost during this process, but there is more to it than that. Although one parking lot has been taken away, we have gained another, parking lot Z; which was built in June while classes were out.

The project manager for FSU, Mr. Richard Cox says, “The expansion will take up about 45 spaces, but there will be 115 spaces added once complete.”

After meeting with Cox at the construction site I was given a better visual on what we will gain in the end. As we know, the lower level of the student center has already been demolished and they are moving to the upper level. As this is happening, there are waterlines, natural gas lines, and air conditioning units that have to be moved as well as the replacement of electrical feeds.

Cox stated, “The hardest part about the construction is working around café hours because none of these things can be replaced or fixed while people are in the building.” Speaking of the café, it is also going to be expanded to include additional equipment and stations to receive/prepare food and added seating. This means thatstudents will not have to stand in long cluttered lines to get food.

The expansion of the café is expected to happen next summer after the May 2014 graduation. The new and improved student center is expected to be completed by Spring 2015 and will include a variety of awesome things like a 100 seat movie theater, a bigger lounge area, a ballroom that seats 500, a new game room and multiple offices for FSU clubs/organizations and staff.

Overall, there will be 24,183 square feet added to the already 36, 792 square foot building. According to Cox, the estimated cost of the expansion to the student center is around $23 million.

Maybe the demolition of the parking lot and the student center gave people a negative outlook on what was being done, but just think of the student center we will have in the future. FSU’s campus, our campus, is gaining much more in the end!

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